Blossom Street S1 & S1c
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Blossom Street S1 & S2
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Blossom Yard
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Blossom Street S2
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Blossom Street S1a
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Blossom Street S3
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Blossom Street overview

Blossom Street

Located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, in a conservation area north-east of Liverpool Street Station, the project at Blossom Street contains multiple buildings to provide residential, commercial office and retail units.

These buildings are interwoven into the existing historical context of the local environs, and the design incorporates new build along with facade retention, fabric reuse and integration of historical buildings into proposals.

In order to add variety to the architectural styles, several architects are working on the different areas of the site (S1, S1a, S1b, S1c, S2, and S3). S1 and S2 generally comprise of warehouse buildings, whilst S3 is a single-storey depot building and four-storey office block, which require demolition. Each site will become new office blocks with retail on the ground floor, whilst S3 will be primarily residential. Due to viewing corridor restrictions, the floor-to-floor heights for each building were constrained, requiring efficient space planning to maximise the floor space available, including keeping internal columns to a minimum where possible.

One of the main constraints on the site is its presence within a designated Scheduled Ancient Monument (SAM), which relates to the medieval Priory of St Mary Spital. The site also has a key interface with Network Rail’s main line coming in and out of Liverpool Street Station directly to the north, and the Central line tube which sits directly under the site. Therefore careful consideration of the foundation design and construction approach is required.

A mixed-use series of buildings, interwoven into the historical context of local environs

London, UK

British Land Property Management

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, DSDHA, Duggan Morris, Stanton Williams


  • 2016 North London Awards - Mixed-use - Commendation