Bryanston Square

In converting this site in a historic Georgian Square from a hospital to apartments we tried to retain as much of the existing structure as possible.

However the façade was so decayed that it was rebuilt as a facsimile of the original, and although re-using the existing foundation piles was technically feasible it proved hard to find a contractor who would give a warranty on them. Consequently we had to devise an entirely new structure and the key to it is an 800 mm deep transfer slab at ground floor level. This means there can be two different grids for reinforced concrete frames: the larger one below ground for car parking with a smaller grid for the residential units above, and we use the cores rather than any additional insertions to give overall lateral stability.

Conversion of a listed Georgian hospital into residential apartments, including replication of the damaged facade

London, UK
Octagon Developments
PDP London
£ 5 million