Morgan House, Stratford Centre

Benefiting from the critical mass in the area created by the Olympics, the project is a large scale redevelopment of the Stratford Centre and its associated buildings situated in the centre of Stratford in East London. It consists of many phases, with both the refurbishment of existing structures and the construction of new buildings within the 4.5 hectare site.

The development aims to regenerate the centre of Stratford and provide affordable and marketable residential units with associated amenities and new public spaces. The hope is that this will bring the old shopping centre out of the shadows of the neighbouring Westfield, whilst adding new quality residential space.

The main aspects of the project include the renovation and extension of the currently defunct office building, Morgan House, for conversion into residential use and the creation of two new residential towers - the 43-storey Great Eastern Tower, with an associated Podium structure, and the 25-storey Meridian Building. Morgan House is a 1970s built concrete office, now totally inappropriate for the modern working environment. We have carried out critical assessments of the existing structure to demonstrate it can sustain an additional six floor extension, in addition to parts of the floor being extended in plan, providing a new lease of life for the building.

In addition, new parking and delivery amenities will be provided around the site, upgrading the current provisions, along with the creation of new public squares and gardens. The Stratford Centre mall will also be modified and reclad, with a new entrance created alongside Morgan House.

Multi-phased regeneration for Stratford, including a six floor extension to an existing residential tower

London, UK
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