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One Crown Place

Sitting directly north of the City-Hackney border opposite the Broadgate Estate, One Crown Place is an optimum site currently undergoing redevelopment. AlloyMTD purchased the site in 2013, and engaged the design team, led by KPF, to design an optimum residentially-led mixed-use scheme.

Recognising the planning sensitivity of the site, with a listed chapel to the west and Georgian terraces to the south, the developed scheme is truly mixed-use, in both use and architectural response.

Two residential towers, reaching 32 storeys in height, sit upon a podium block housing office, amenity space, retail and entrances. The pair of towers are orientated in such a way that they appear independent of the podium, yet are totally integrated in structural terms. In order to optimise the six levels of office space, the tower structures are transferred at the base of the tower, where we have adopted storey-deep steel trusses, spanning diagonally across the office space, and supported off the expressed corner columns to the towers.

There is a true mix of approaches to form and construction in the scheme. The towers are new-build, as is the majority of the office space, yet a Victorian warehouse façade is neatly integrated into the schemes’ northern elevation. An existing 1980s office building to the north-west corner is retained and extended – this will form a stand-alone office unit on the site. Additionally, the Georgian terraces, noted as having local heritage interest, are repaired and maintained, and form part of a new boutique hotel on the site. All this over a new two-storey deep basement!

Redevelopment of various mixed-use structures, from modern residential towers to a Victorian warehouse

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