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25 years of AKT – part 1 & 2.

A short history of AKT (II). In part 1 and 2, we explore our input into making cities over our 25-year history and how our practice’s identity has evolved over the years.

Making cities – part 1/25.

Over the last 25 years, it’s been rewarding to make parts of London and other cities around the world. Working with architects and clients to create places that benefit the people that live in and use them has been an important part of our practice’s history.

Duke of York HQ, for Cadogan Estates, 2000 onwards.

Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, 2010. We worked with Foster + Partners on Phase 1.

For the 2012 London Olympics we delivered eight projects.

King's Cross redevelopment, for Argent, 2007 onwards.

Shaping the practice – part 2/25.

A practice is more than a brand – more than logos, letterheads and business cards; more than a website and digital media. People and ideas make a practice, but the evolution of those people and ideas over the last 25 years can be reflected in a visual identity.

Our first logo in 1996.

By 2004 we refreshed our logo to reflect the progressive nature of our practice.

2007 saw the introduction of the AKT swarm, emphasising a collective of outstanding staff and a strong people culture.

In 2011 we reshaped for a new era.

As our practice evolves, so does our logo.