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25 years of AKT – part 11 & 12.

Education – it allows us to learn, grow and develop. In part 11 & 12 of our 25th anniversary, we reflect on the importance of education, racial injustice, and the buildings in which we can share our knowledge to enable us to shape a better world.

Educating ourselves – part 11/25.

As a company, we believe in working in openness, without hierarchy. We listen, hear, learn and grow from each other. Our buildings allow us to design spaces that encourage education, improve knowledge, connect, and hold debate.

Buildings such as UCL East, St Paul’s School, Kingston Town House, Bishop Challoner School, and Neuron Pod have allowed us to provide innovative and unique learning landscapes, where current and future students can continue to grow, develop and be inspired.

It is our role, as engineers to fabricate such spaces so they remain meaningful for future generations and continue to initiate and encourage education and development.

St Paul's School

UCL East campus, Pool Street West and Marshgate I

Town House Building, Kingston University

Ravensbourne College

LSE Centre Building

Neuron Pod, Queen Mary, University of London

Learning from others – part 12/25.

Amidst turbulent times, we have been shown the injustice that many have faced, causing mass protests around the world. Through education, we can address these prejudices, break down stereotypes and work through any misrepresentations.

AKT Educate is our initiative as a practice, that allows us to go into classrooms and invite students to our studio. We hope that by imparting our passion for our work, we can inspire future generations to take part in shaping the built world.

As we mark the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s passing, we look towards education as a connection to create unity across the globe. Buildings and architecture can serve as a reminder of hope for communities and a pillar of strength, allowing us to echo the voices of those who cannot speak and look towards a world without injustice, where we can unite as one.

Cherry Groce memorial

Georges Malaika Foundation School, Lubumbashi, DR Congo

Chobham Academy