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25 years of AKT – part 23 & 24.

As we look at the last few months of our 25 years posts, in part 23 & 24, we reflect on what is to come from us in 2022, and how we hold our position as best in class. 

Looking forward – part 23/25.

As 2022 fast approaches, we look to new projects on the horizon, both within the UK and overseas. Buildings and their functions can have a massive impact on the way we live, work and play, and greener spaces, mixed-use projects and 15-minute cities are just a few key trends we are seeing.

Projects such as The Ghana National Cathedral, LSE Marshall Building and Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings incorporate our range of disciplines and skills, which is demonstrated within our work. The Marshall Building is the latest addition to LSE’s world-class campus which looks to how the outdoors can be brought in, and similarly the Ghana National Cathedral is a major development for Africa, in which the project will combine religion, democracy, a museum and library within its emerging landscape.

LSE Marshall Building

Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings

Ghana National Cathedral
Forward thinking – part 24/25.

We are experts in design-driven engineering. We touch every facet of the built environment – the seen and unseen, the functional and aesthetic, the material, and also the human.

Each individual discipline – structural, geotechnical, infrastructure, façade, bioclimatic and transport has a precise focus, and yet each is integral to the others. As we reflect on all we have achieved as a practice, we will continue to strengthen our relevance in today’s ever-changing world.