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25 years of AKT – part 3 & 4.

Continuing our celebration of our 25th Anniversary, in part 3 & 4 we look to our hopes for the future of venues and wellbeing post-covid whilst reflecting on the outcome of our unique working style.

Supporting wellbeing – part 3/25.

In this third national lockdown, the prioritisation of our health and wellbeing has once again been brought to the forefront. When approaching projects that function as a collective space, be it sports venues, parks or public spaces, it’s important to create something that enhances and enables the experience of those using these structures.

Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune, India.

London's highest running track at the White Collar Factory.

Coca-Cola Beatbox at the London Olympics – a huge hit with visitors.

The Longest Bench in Littlehampton.

Jubilee Gardens, London.

Rewarding work – part 4/25.

We never set out to win awards. But the accolades we have received are a direct by-product of the way we work. In part 1 & 2, we said that a practice is its people, and the hard work of these people over 25 years has led to us receiving numerous industry awards for our projects and company.