Company structure

Fundamental to our company and team structures is our belief in a design-led approach; we believe that design is by its very nature curious, iterative and subject to refinement and improvement if it is to be successful. On each project all members of the engineering team are encouraged to adopt a proactive attitude toward solving problems both within and outside our specific areas of responsibility, for the civil and structural aspects of the project.

We have a very thorough and controlled internal management approach which ensures the practice does not overcommit to project work. This runs alongside a very flexible team structure: we do not work in silos or in a sectorised fashion. This gives the practice the organic flexibility required to respond to the variations in workload that are commonplace in this industry and encourages a free flow of ideas – empowering all our staff, from graduate engineers to directors.

Expertise brings only advantages until it starts to shut off from new learning and adapting. Within any discipline there is a risk that the designer develops a tendency to work within their own little expert world. By this we mean that structural engineering prowess and competence is a prerequisite for any successful candidate in this context, but can create a void if left unchecked.

We achieve success time and again by ensuring that we understand the wider client goals and that we work with all members of the team to make these happen. Our approach is always to fully engage with other parts of the team, assisting them in achieving their own targets whilst, at the same time, focusing on our own areas.

The founding partners remain wholly involved in the running and direction of the practice, together with the new generation of equity-holding directors. This provides the platform to ensure that investment in quality, design and technical excellence remains at the heart of our work. The shareholding of the company is divided between the directors of AKT II and the Swedish engineering group Tyréns.

We have a policy of employing only well-qualified, professional staff of high calibre, recognising that this is essential to maintaining the quality of the engineering delivered. Having developed our skills base and capabilities over the past few years, our London office currently comprises over 250 staff.