You need look no further than our logo to find an apt metaphor for AKT II’s style of work. A freely moving reactive mass of entities, the swarm represents the core nature of our engineering philosophy. It embodies everything that we stand for as a cutting-edge firm: one homogeneous unity, but formed by individual workers who can labour, sustain and protect the interests of both the company and its clients. We have a nebulous yet visible centre, but edges which constantly expand, contract and adapt: we swarm around change, and make it our business.

At AKT II we firmly believe that good design need not cost the earth. We also know that if left unmanaged, design aspirations can stretch budgets beyond breaking point. To counter this possibility, we draw on our knowledge of each project on the one hand and our own previous experiences on the other, to sculpt designs which push the boundaries, drive the most appropriate answers and ensure the best value.

We have a long and established track record of delivering complex projects within budget and to programme, and this is something that we monitor vigorously during all stages of the project. Our collaborative approach and willingness to work with and for contractors underscores this as demonstrated at the Dalston Square and Renaissance developments for Barratt Homes and in the London Athletes’ Village for Lend Lease.

Our experience is extensive, covering the commercial, residential, retail, leisure, educational, health and transportation sectors of the market. Projects range from large new-build developments to complicated refurbishments of listed buildings, with contract values ranging from £ 100,000 to over £ 750 million. We are thus confident in working with a wide range of methods and materials including structural steel and other metals, concrete, structural timber, alloys, masonry, plastics, glass, composites and tensile fabrics.