Bioclimatic assessment

In urban environments the effect the design of a façade has on the external environment can become as critical as that which it has on the internal environment.

AKT II Envelopes has developed a suite of tools which allow us to explore many characteristics relating to human comfort that can be manipulated in the form of the building or in the design of the façade through material selection, shading, canopy provision etc. Planning now requires a much more rigorous assessment of any impact to exploit any beneficial traits and diminish any negative consequences.

The Bioclimatic Design Toolkit has been created as a branch of Re.AKT, our in-house interface developed to integrate specialised analytical processes with the synthetic, holistic and interoperable model of a project, streamlining the information from multiple disciplines into a single solution. Our tools have been used to great effect to inform masterplanning of large plots, concept designs of buildings and ensuring planning outcomes. In projects such as the Millbank Tower for Motcomb and 19–35 Baker Street for Derwent London, we were able to clearly demonstrate the improvements to the external environments through strategic design moves.