Construction services

Constructability is a key consideration of the design process, and no envelope design can be considered as complete unless it has been developed alongside a clear strategy for manufacture, installation, testing and maintenance. We ensure our designs are robust, can be efficiently and safely procured and that they are built to specification.

With several of our team having many years in industry, we see the value that we can bring in regards to procurement and specification to be a critical offering for many of our clients. As the number of specialist subcontractors producing façades has diminished, we work hard to fully understand the capabilities and limitations of all aspects of the supply chain. We use this detailed knowledge to navigate this complex area and inform what we buy for our clients. In this regard, we play an active rather than passive role throughout the process; drawing on the decades of experience within our team, we inform off-site and on-site testing, prototype development, quality control and installation monitoring, ensuring beneficial outcomes for our clients.