The envelope of a building is much more than the simple surface that many perceive it to be. In reality, it incorporates a much deeper set of physical and emotional integrants within the frame of construction and expressionism that co-exist in the design of the physical limit of a building.

Responding to these attractors requires a highly skilled team; a team passionate about design and environmental sensitivities, and obsessive in their attention to detail. In this conversation, we need to be able to consider the impact the envelope has on the environment both internally and externally.

AKT II Envelopes brings together precisely this collective to assure that we can talk the language of design, facilitate rapid and, where necessary, detailed exploration, and develop holistically-conceived, well-detailed façades with embedded constructability and serviceability. Including bioclimatic engineers, building physicists, architects, material specialists and complex geometry scripting experts, we offer a skill set few can match, and with this comes an attitude that sets us apart.

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Over the years, AKT II has worked on the façades of many buildings, drawn by the challenges that a confluence of engineering, architecture and geometry presents, balancing and responding to this web of interrelated factors with the application of analytical and computational processes, and with an understanding of craft.

AKT II’s multidisciplinary background allows us to operate at many different scales simultaneously. Our team merges leading-edge design and analysis capabilities with many years of experience at the coal-face of industry, which ensures we can communicate robustly and directly with the suppliers and manufacturers who will ultimately deliver the product. This experience cuts across all structural systems, building typologies and materials: from traditional to new composite and smart materials. By focusing on and understanding the expectations of our architects and clients, we can confidently propose novel solutions and solve emergent design challenges, providing the intelligent base for discussions that inject value.