With designers keen to exploit advances in material science, modern building envelopes now utilise an almost unlimited range of materials. Consequently, the construction of skins tends to lean towards the use of complex multi-layered systems crafted to fulfil complex functional and design requirements.

Our fully-integrated team embraces these challenges, utilising knowledge of structural, chemical, physical and mechanical properties, processing a wide range of materials.

As adept at designing stone-based façades and curtain walling as we are at defining geometry for NURBS-derived façades, AKT II Envelopes has the capability to assure the appropriate selection and specification of a wide range of traditional and leading-edge materials. Whether exploiting the freedom presented through digital manufacturing techniques, the strength of advanced composites, or designing smart and adaptable skins with integrated sustainable technologies, we have a team with technical capabilities necessary to facilitate informed design and selection. This capability allows us to expand the boundaries of material applications and bring challenging ideas and concepts to life.

Within our portfolio, the pleated carbon fibre shells developed for Louis Vuitton sit alongside the structural glass supporting, unassisted, the bulbous, polished stainless steel monocoque roof of the Manchester Library Walk. At the other end of the scale, we are working with listed stone façades at 30 Grosvenor Square alongside David Chipperfield, delivering solutions that assure a future for this envelope in a thermal and environmental system quite different to that for which it was originally conceived.

We cultivate and enhance our knowledge through collaborations with academic institutions, and have recently run a very successful masterclass with the University of Addis Ababa with Studio Olafur Eliasson, exploring the creation of integrated solar façade shading systems made from locally available and recycled materials.