Bioclimatic design

Whether we are inside or outside, we can always ask ourselves a simple question: are we comfortable in that space? This seemingly straightforward question is difficult to quantify. Providing shelter and wellbeing for the occupants of a space is an essential aspect of architectural design, but we need tools and measurements to grade them; to assess and decide if the design is successful for the intended use.

Bioclimatic Design may be essential for planning submissions. We intend to use it in the early design stages of a project, with the aim of making high-level decisions comparing different design iterations and informing which improvements in thermal and wind comfort can be made. Our tools have already been successfully used for the comparison of pedestrian wind comfort in a number of projects, mainly during preliminary design and planning submissions.

Our in-house Bioclimatic Design Toolkit has multiple direct project applications:

  • Wind flow and wind loads around buildings by means of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Pedestrian wind comfort according to the established Lawson Comfort Criteria or the Dutch Wind Nuisance Criteria
  • Solar radiation and shadow patterns via an hourly energy balance simulation
  • Thermal comfort of a space reported in the Universal Thermal Comfort Index (UTCI)
  • A versatile design tool allowing simulation and comparison of multiple design iterations

The Bioclimatic Design Toolkit has been created as a branch of Re.AKT, our in-house interface developed to integrate specialised analytical processes with the synthetic, holistic and interoperable model of a project, streamlining the information from multiple disciplines into a single solution.

Having been verified by rigorous testing, the toolkit has already seen successful use in multiple projects, such as the South Bank Tower, and is ready to be provided as a service for many more.

Contact us if you are interested in Bioclimatic Design services for your projects or if you would like further information.