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Adapting the workspace.

Office ++

To be frank – we’re missing our office! The nationwide lockdown rapidly made us adapt to remote working, which at first was exciting and novel. However, we’re now missing our space at the White Collar Factory and appreciate how unique and invaluable it is to all of us at AKT II.

The world has changed during this pandemic, and the way we’re going to use offices in the future has too.  So, we have been reimagining our office space and how we can best maximise and utilise our space upon our eventual return, combining the best of both worlds; office working and home working. This led to the creation of Office++

Office++ questions what we value from a traditional office and what we value from home working in the aim of informing what our future office may morph into, to fully enrich our lives and fulfil our psychological needs.

The adaptability of White Collar Factory has shown what is needed for the future of office spaces – spaces that can facilitate changes and can adapt to anything. Office++ takes into consideration six key factors;

  1. Access to technology
  2. Social interaction
  3. Knowledge sharing
  4. Health and wellbeing
  5. Collective identity
  6. Environment


All of these factors need to be weighed upon a scale to determine how we can enrich both our personal and professional lives.

Office++ seeks to open a discussion on how we can create a space and an environment that draws from the best of both worlds. So, we want to hear your thoughts and ideas, via our LinkedIn. Click the link below and leave your comment on the post.