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AKT II scores superb results.

Great Place To Work survey.

We are proud as a practice to have achieved such positive results from the independent ‘Great Place To Work’ survey for 2021.


Developed by independent consulting firm Great Place To Work, the Trust Index TM workplace survey is conducted by over 11 million people on an annual basis, across 10,000 organisations and more than 90 countries world-wide.

The Trust Index Model is designed to explore the employee perspective of a workplace by examining three different relationships at work. It defines a Great Place to Work as one …

  • where you TRUST the people you work for,
  • have PRIDE in what you do, and
  • ENJOY the people you work with.

In this survey, the average UK employer is estimated to achieve a score of 52% positive responses related to their workplace culture. Our employees scored AKT II 75% on the Average Trust Index and 81% positive responses for AKT II as a ‘Great Place to Work’. We are proud to have received such exceptional, above average results.

One of our most important goals in the last 25 years has been to cultivate an environment that creates a great place to work. A creative, diverse and supportive workplace nurtures our staff and enables them to produce great work! – Paul Scott, AKT II Director.