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Camden Highline plans approved.

A first for London.

Proposals for the new Camden High Line have been given the green light for planning this week.

Camden Council’s planning officer has recommended the first phase of the Camden Highline scheme for approval, which will transform a 260m section of viaduct between Camden Gardens and the crossroad between Royal College Street and Camden Road into a public park.

We’re working on the project alongside architect vPPR and sustainability consultant Atelier Ten with project lead Field Operations. In total, the Camden Highline will run for 1.2km and will tie together the surrounding neighbourhoods with an elevated public walkway that will link Camden Town and its famous market via Camley Street to King’s Cross.

The project will provide a new, biodiverse landscape that is freely accessible and supports arts and cultural activities. The scheme will create new wildlife habitats and a ‘natural wooded environment that overlooks the buzzing urban life of Camden Town’. The park is expected to open in phases, starting in 2025.

‘The approved planning of the project allows continuation development with the London Borough of Camden by allowing communities to discover, connect and grow, and the site acts as an evolving living ecosystem of people and biota in constant process, negotiation, exchange and delight’, AKT II associate director, Alan Yan.

Find out more about the Camden Highline here.