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City University research partnership.

Innovate UK.

Innovate UK is all about supporting original ideas to flourish. AKT II’s Bioclimatic team has received a grant from the UK’s innovation agency, for a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).


In response to the housing and office space demands, caused by global urbanisation, increasingly taller high-rise building development has been widely adopted nationally and internationally by city planners and private developers. This trend for taller buildings has in some areas adversely magnified wind pressure, leading to wind tunnels and pedestrian- and cyclist-based accidents. Buildings on a mid- to high-rise scale can act as vertical wind traps, causing increased downdraft, as well as creating wind funnelling effects.

Our bioclimatic team in collaboration with City University of London’s research will focus on developing machine-learning approaches, to conduct fast, accurate predictions of possible wind flow and air pollutant measures around tall buildings in the presence of green landscaping.

‘One of the core values at AKT II is to be forward-thinking. This research will harness novel machine-based learning to provide a global view of wind engineering within the environment, structures, and human beings’. Alessandro Margnelli, AKT II technical director

The research will extend AKT II’s already established services for tall buildings, landscaping design for outdoor air quality, as well as occupant, pedestrian, and cyclist wind comfort in urban environments.