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LFA 2020.

Digital events.

This year for the London Festival of Architecture, we hosted two digital talks with panel members from KPF, FCBStudios, Walters & Cohen, Studio Egret West, Oxford University and Hilson Moran. You can watch both of these talks back here.

School's Back: are future generations being left behind?

Covid 19 has exposed the fragility of our social and economic fabric whilst at the same time emphasised what we value most – our social infrastructure (from the NHS to our schools), climate emergency and social equality. Organisations and businesses have been swift in getting the wheels turning to address the latter two; in a race to secure their future and sustainable growth. But are our schools equipped to do the same?

Generally speaking, schools have looked the same for the best part of a century. Yes, technological advances have made their way into classrooms in the form of interactive whiteboards, but the premise remains the same.

How schools can evolve to play their part in addressing the climate emergency whilst still maintaining the children’s wellbeing and learning at its heart?

Moderated by Sarah Williams (S Williams Architects, RIBA Client Advisor)

Panel members:

  • Michal Cohen (Director, Walters & Cohen)
  • Harry Daniels (Professor of Education in the Department of Education, University of Oxford)
  • Hau Ming Tse (Research Fellow in the Department of Education, University of Oxford)
  • Dr Joe Jack Williams (Associate, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios)
  • Marta Galiñanes-Garcia (Design Director, AKT II)


Watch the debate in the video below.

Laid back or high-ly strung; the future community power struggle.

Whilst some debate what COVID 19 might mean for the future of tall buildings the many benefits of truly mixed-use high-density buildings within our city centres cannot be ignored. Or does the future for our urban developments tend towards more horizontal, distributed but still relatively dense model like Kirkstall Forge?

In this rapidly changing world where does the future of urban design lie, which model will win the power struggle?

Moderated by: Ciaran Malik (Lecturer & Researcher, Architectural Association)

Panel members:

  • John Bushell (Principal, KPF)
  • Simon Branson (Partner & Manchester Studio Lead, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios)
  • Cecilia Lindstrom (Associate Director of Research and Urban Design, Studio Egret West)
  • Marie-Louise Schembri (Design Director, Hilson Moran)
  • Albert Williamson-Taylor (Co-founder & Director, AKT II)


Watch the discussion via the video below.