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London Climate Action Week 2020.

This year, for London Climate Action Week, we’re taking action to further work on our sustainability agenda, using this time to research and inform our 2030 Target Sustainability Manifesto. Over the past week, we’ve been discussing how we can affect change at every level within our practice and beyond.

Designing buildings sustainably must be a holistic process, taking every facet of the design team to create a well-conceived, ecologically rich, liveable and sustainable built environment dedicated to the benefit of our planet and our future generations. It is then a given that architects, clients, contractors and engineers must collaborate to extract these outcomes, and we of course also clearly understand that to harness the greatest opportunity every team needs to continue this collaborative discourse internally within their organisation.

That’s why, since the Climate Strike in 2019, we’ve been working on responding to the complexities of how our built environment can make a real impact in tackling the global climate emergency. Our Climate Emergency Committee has engaged with our practice at every level to discern what more AKT II can do.

Part of our manifesto is a 10 point approach to designing, where we go beyond simple carbon counting and devise how to make a meaningful impact throughout every stage of a project.

Our full Sustainability Manifesto will be published in Q1 of 2021, with the intent to begin further implementing our Climate Action Plan across all of our projects, utilising our Carbon.AKT tool and engaging with every member of the project team.

To find out more about what sustainability means to us at AKT II beyond London Climate Action Week 2020, click the link below to visit our page. And please let us know your valuable thoughts and ideas!

Sustainability at AKT II