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Nicola Carniato joins NZC Buildings.

UK Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard.

AKT II director, Nicola Carniato has joined the UK Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard Science and Technology task group to provide his engineering expertise in science and technology.

The UK Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard brings together leading industry organisations to join forces and champion this initiative. Whilst significant progress had been made in defining what ‘net zero’ means for buildings in the UK, a process of market analysis showed a clear demand for a single, agreed methodology.

The UK Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard will enable industries to robustly prove their built assets are net zero carbon and in line with our nation’s climate targets. The output will be for developers, contractors, asset owners and managers, occupiers, investors and building industry professionals. It is for anyone wanting to demonstrate that their building is ‘Net-Zero’-aligned with an industry-agreed standard.


The programme has performance targets aligned with science-based trajectories needed to achieve net zero by 2050 and a 78% reduction by 2035 in the UK. The building types are applicable to both existing and new buildings.

“I am keen to be a part of the UK Net Zero Buildings Standards, which will provide an agreed methodology for assessing new and existing buildings in the UK as the program aims to deliver decarbonisation in line with the 1.5OC pathway”, AKT II director, Nicola Carniato.


Read more about the task force here