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PrismArch – an update.

Research project.

We’ve been working with Zaha Hadid Architects, alongside SWECO on PrismArch. Now in its second year, we’re continuing to research into a ‘prismatic blend’ between aesthetics, simulation models, and meta-information that can be presented in a contextualised and comprehensive manner in virtual reality.

Most architectural project developments are highly complex and cross-disciplinary efforts, demanding inputs from an array of collaborators and stakeholders, each with their own legal requirements, specialised viewpoints, and design processes. This is often further complicated by current AEC data control software, which often focuses on a limited set of information.

Project-critical Information such as hand sketches, site photographs and 3D conceptual sketches are not currently incorporated into any holistic data model. The solution to these issues, and PrismArch’s aspiration is to create a VR-aided design environment that will enhance collaborative capabilities across architecture, structural engineering, and MEP industries, allowing users to decide and preview outcomes before they must come to a ubiquitous solution.

PrismArch is set to offers a data model for collecting, organising, and controlling the various streams of information that make up an AEC project. It also aims to provide a digital environment for editing in real-time, annotating and tracking changes – all through a bespoke VR environment.