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Tiny houses for big challenges.

Summer of RA.

Summer has landed at the RA, and it’s as arty and joyful as ever. The Royal Academy’s iconic Summer Exhibition showcases art in all forms, including architectural works and sculpture.

Designed by architect Marina Tabassum, with engineering work from AKT II, Khudi Bari, a ‘tiny house’ addresses the housing challenge that many Bangladeshi’s are facing in flood prone regions. These site-specific shelters are aimed at providing affordable homes to residents with the intent that they will also be able to build them using local materials for around £300.

To avoid carbon miles of shipping materials, Marina sent our team of engineers detailed instructions for responsible local sourcing, while we researched new connection typologies including 3D-printed and recycled aluminium nodes. UK grown bamboo comes in a much smaller diameter compared to the Bangladeshi’s species and our engineers had to detail and test a new typology of bundled strands to adapt it to the local availability.


Named by The Guardian’s Oliver Wainwright as the ‘star of the show’ – Tiny House is intended for those who live in the country’s delta region and facing catastrophic climate change.

This year’s Summer Exhibition is at the Royal Academy from 21 June to 21 August.