‘Paper Hüs’ - Royal College of Art


Part of a collaboration with the Royal College of Art and Atelier Ten, our engineers undertook research exploring the use of recycled paper to construct bricks!

Conceptualised off the back of a student design competition earlier this year, Paper Hüs looked to explore the possibilities and issues around paper waste within the architecture profession.

The teams set out to investigate the potential of creating a 100% biodegradable product – without the need for using bio-resins or glues (which in other studies reduced or eliminated the degrading process).

Our engineers worked on the fabrication process with the RCA students at Grymsdyke Farm, which was essential for testing consistencies and ideas for Paper Hüs. Learning from the process, and from the failures, we developed a robust block that could be utilised for single storey structures.

We were pleased to have worked on this innovative research project with the Royal College of Art as a step in our ongoing role within the school to further the integration of engineering and architectural design ideas!

You’ll be able to see our work at the Royal College of Art show until 7th July.

A big thank you to our staff that took part and provided their time and expertise!

The AKT II team

-          Michael Lau

-          Valentin Loeffler

-          Ed Moseley

-          Martin Ocampo

-          Danae Polyviou