BIG’s twisting bridge opens in Norway

The Twist

The Twist has opened! It was great to collaborate with BIG and Bjarke Ingels on The Twist at Kistefos Museum and Sculpture Park in Norway.

Situated an hour north of Oslo is Kistefos, a museum and sculpture park which now is where BIG’s The Twist lies. The structure twists and contorts to form a bridge over two river banks of different heights. It perfectly marries structural form, architecture, and art into one.

 ‘It was a beautiful opportunity to attend the inauguration and see, first hand, this great collaboration with BIG Architects. By watching the exposed elements of the truss, one can imagine the twisting structure that spans the river and how it is blended with the architectural form, all of this within an astounding scenery of the surroundings.’ – Ricardo Candel, Technical Director.

‘Having worked on the project, to attend the inauguration was rewarding. Such a complex structure, perfectly integrated with the architectural form.’ – Alessandro Margnelli, Technical Director.

'The structural envelope spans 65m across the Randselva river whilst managing to control footfall vibrations and deflections to suit the requirements of a modern museum. A close collaboration of parametric modelling was required to integrate the complex façade, structure and MEP into a combined an elegant skin.'  - Ricard Parker, Associate.

Congratulations to the whole project team!

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