Duke of York Restaurant opens

Duke of York Restaurant

Our project with NEX and Cadogan Estates is complete and is now open to the public! Caravan group’s new concept restaurant Vardo opens at Cadogan Estates’ Duke of York Restaurant in Chelsea’s Duke of York Square.

Building on the success of the first cafe, the expanded venue creates a new place of meeting with a pedestrian public roof terrace overlooking the surrounding square. The Duke of York Restaurant is now open to the public.

‘AKT II negotiated deftly between slenderness, durability, and constructability to achieve the feature white precast ribbon. For AKT II, the Duke of York Restaurant has been a success in many ways: constructing this new piece of Chelsea required the demolition of one of our original phase 1 buildings, a mark of the success of the development, yet we are pleased to have been involved in the creation of a new award-winning piece of Architecture with NEX, underscoring Cadogan Estates’ continuing commitment to design and quality. In this unique building we have the opportunity to showcase AKT II’s strength and dexterity in refined engineering, innovation and complex geometry.’ – Chris Blust, Associate Director.

Congratulations to all of the team on this one!