Enhancing the built environment with AR

London Festival of Architecture

We hosted our panel discussion as part of this years’ London Festival of Architecture. Our industry experts discussed enhancing the built environment with augmented reality and data visualisation – this event was conceived from the creation of our app, Beyond the Map.

Our panel discussed the use of augmented reality and data visualisation in the built environment industry, and how these strides in technology could push the boundaries of the field. Our panel was made up of architects, academics, engineers and data specialists who provided insightful and thought-provoking statements on how this technology is enhancing the built environment.

The panel members were as follows:

-          Beth Hughes (Moderator): Royal College of Art

-          Francis Aish: Foster + Partners

-          Polly Hudson: UCL Bartlett

-          Jason Hawthorne: VU.CITY

-          Helmut Kinzler: Zaha Hadid Architects

-          Stephen Lorimer: Greater London Authority

-          Spyros Efthymiou: AKT II

Thank you to our panel members, our moderator and those who attended our discussion.

To download our AR and data visualisation app, click the link below.

Beyond the Map