Our practice joins the global Climate Strike

Climate Strike - #AKTnow

On 20th September, AKT II will be joining the global climate strike. On this day, AKT II will support its staff in joining strikes across London. We will be organising events within our offices to discuss ways that we can all do more to solve this crisis – on a personal and on a professional level as engineers and designers.

Throughout the global climate strike week (20th – 27th) we will be focusing on what we, as engineers can do to affect real change in our industry. We believe that to tackle the climate crisis, we have to look to the individual, which is why we will continue to implement sustainable methods into our design work whilst doing more to interact with staff, educating on the individual level.

As engineers we have a deep understanding of how the built environment is affecting climate change. Buildings and construction account for nearly 40% of energy-related CO2 emissions globally.

“We know our built environment has a huge carbon footprint. We hope that by making a stand and contributing with our knowledge of the market and industry insight, we can capitalise on the enormous opportunity and important part our industry represents to decarbonise the economy. Through the way we design, construct and operate buildings we can improve the built environment and get us closer to a net-zero carbon future.” - Marta Galiñanes-Garcia, Design Director for Climate Issue and Circular Economy.

At AKT II, we are continuously pushing to find new ways to reuse infrastructure and buildings, reduce construction activities and building operational energy consumption, and implementing clean construction methods. For years, sustainability has been part of our company ethos, all of our directors and engineers follow our four philosophies; make it last, capitalise on recycled materials, optimise design and work closely with architects and all project service consultants to reduce carbon emissions throughout the building process.

But we need to act with more urgency. Emissions must drop rapidly to halt climate change so we can pass on a completely transformed world to generations of young people to come.

Despite a global UN Climate Agreement, national legislation and industry-led initiatives, it is clear we are failing to affect real change.

We are therefore calling on the UK Government to act with urgency to tackle this Crisis and drive deep cuts in emissions – to #AKTnow

We stand by the young people, the scientists and people all across the world in demanding a world with clean energy, with fossil fuels remaining in the ground and to help the victims of our Climate Crisis.

AKT II is ready and willing to play our part in designing a future in which we halt climate change and create a hopeful place to live and work for young people all around the world.

We hope you join us in support!