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About us.

Our business was founded in 1996, carrying the initials of the three original partners and a vision to create a structural engineering consultancy with design at its heart.

Just four years later, our work with Will Alsop on Peckham Library won the RIBA Stirling Prize, while projects across Europe won award after award.

Through the many successful years since, we have grown in strength and size, rebranding to reflect the shape of the business. Today, we are AKT II. We’re owned and operated independently with the backing of Tyréns, a Sweden-based engineering consultancy.

And the vision is still the same.

Our setup.

Our London studio is our core and our quality control, populated by an ever-growing family of over 350 highly motivated, deeply qualified, remarkably talented people. Beyond this original base, we have satellite studios in Manchester, Cambridge and Copenhagen.

We deliver undiluted, world-class engineering design around the world. And we have built a global network of local expertise and guidance to support our robust remote working practice at all points of the project. It’s a model that works.

We are unified as a team, culturally and collaboratively.

The swarm.

A collective energy and behaviour. A free flow of ideas. A knowledge-sharing platform. A culture and a nucleus. That’s the swarm – the reactive, adaptive, dynamic entity that embodies our philosophy and reality.

Without the separation of silo, we can amplify everything through mass endeavour. Universal integration realises social and technical interactions that inspire collective learning – planned and by chance. It’s individuals presenting as one power.

And without ties with any sector, market, material or technique, we continuously adapt and flex to expand our experience and perspective.

Architects, clients, contractors and design partners join the swarm, and we all morph to provide problem with solution and design with direction.