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We don’t work in ego-centric silos; we reach out and connect with our industry and beyond. We believe exchange brings benefit to all. And there can be no greater stimulus to the worlds of engineering and design than the bridge that links the working practice with the next generation of talent.

A healthy cross-pollination.

Maintaining relationships with exceptional academic institutions is central to our culture and crucial to our collective intelligence. It allows us to attract and nurture the brightest minds, who inspire and enrich our practice with their energy, inventiveness and individualism. We encourage their innovative solutions to traditional problems, their openness to abstract design methodology, and their embrace of cutting-edge technologies. We know that ours, more than most, is a subject in which you must never stop learning.

But, crucially, this coalition with academia is a two-way transmission; theory and practice must feed into and complement each other.

Active engagement.

So, we actively foster the world’s future engineers and architects by sharing invaluable insights from our vast real-world experience through lectures, seminars, courses, workshops and talks. Our directors and other colleagues are committed contributors to top-ranked educational establishments in the US and UK.

Our computational research team,, regularly works with students on the latest technologies and techniques at London’s Architectural Association school. And we have forged meaningful alliances within UCL, Cambridge University, RCA, National Centres of Competence in Research, Bristol University, City University and Bath University.

In addition to these interactions, our frequent publications act as benchmark tools for learning, by revealing our internal philosophies and detailed processes.

Only through openness and collaboration comes real progress.

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