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We succeed because we move as one, but we respect the wonder of the individual, too. AKT II people make a difference to every conversation because they believe there’s possibility in every thought.

How we work.

We’re all in everything together. The idea can come from anyone.

The way we are structured encourages a healthy and freely flowing journey of ideas between us.

For every project, one of the directors takes ultimate responsibility for design. They do this not by presiding over it, but by encouraging team members of all levels to feed into it. Our hierarchy is flat – and that organisational decision is one that rewards the team at large every day. Openness encourages understanding. It makes us grow as individuals and as a team. Technical and design reviews are free discussions – time given up to collaboration over stimulus. And to bring another dimension to the development of design, another director will review at critical points to bring pure objectivity to the mix.

Diversity and inclusion.

Diversity is not an aim; it’s the basis of knowledge and understanding. We wouldn’t be here without it.

AKT II is a meritocratic company run on mutual respect. Everyone has the chance to shine, and everyone takes that chance.

Between us, we span more than 50 cultural backgrounds, and we speak over 30 languages. There are too many perspectives, ideas, and influences to count but, suffice to say, this mix is fundamental to our output. It makes us multi-dimensional, nuanced, and rich in reference and insight. It makes us relevant to the world.

AKT II still has the same DNA as when I started, and everyone collaborates with no internal barriers, and we all work for the collective good.

Steve Toon, Design Director
Giving back.

As an industry leader, a progressive company, and a passionate group of individuals, we are champions for community causes we believe in.

Fundraising is vital to us, and many volunteers from the company regularly give up their free time to support over 20 charities. It has seen us cycling, dragon boating and playing football for sponsorship.

We also share our love for our subject to inspire future generations. AKT Educate is our initiative based on the desire to inspire school children into considering a career in engineering. By going into classrooms, or inviting students to our studio, we impart our passion for our work and demonstrate the opportunity to take part in shaping the built world. Some of us are also STEM Ambassadors, volunteering to bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics to life for young people. And, in our ongoing involvement with London’s Open House Festival, our engineers take part in the annual Open House Families event.