131 Sloane Street exterior
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131 Sloane Street 02
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131 Sloane Street 03
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131 Sloane Street façade
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131 Sloane Street courtyard
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131 Sloane Street interior
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131 Sloane Street interior 01
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131 Sloane Street

This high-end mixed-use development on London’s prestigious Sloane Street reinforces our long-standing relationship with Cadogan Estates. The challenging 12,500 m² scheme comprises four separate buildings arranged around a courtyard, sharing a two-storey basement that spans across much of the site.

The main building fronting Sloane Street features a 60 m-long red sandstone façade rising five storeys above street level. This has been optimised for commercial use, with a 9 m structural grid extending upwards from the lower ground floor instead of the conventional ground floor. This allowed for the inclusion of multiple ‘soft spots’ in the structure, which could be opened up to install new lifts or staircases, or reconfigure retail spaces. This construction method also offered the greatest floor-to-ceiling height thanks to the reduced structural depth of steel, delivering about 200 mm extra headroom compared to concrete.

At the rear a row of retail units replaced former mews buildings. An additional section involved façade retention of a mews terrace with new steel frames constructed behind. A three-storey restaurant building now occupies the north corner of the Pavilion Road frontage, boasting a bespoke multi-pitch roof structure. The use of structurally integrated glazing delivers a crisp appearance, as well as increasing floor area.

Additional technical challenges included designing a structure directly above a major Thames Water sewer. Constructing a 700 mm-thick raft foundation rather than piles minimised settlement as well as offering cost reductions.

We modelled the effects of ground heave due to demolition of the existing buildings and the subsequent effects of reloading when the new buildings were constructed. With a resulting final load lower than in the former state, whilst there was a small net heave, we ensured that the change would not be detrimental to the fabric of the sewer.

Commercial and retail units in four separate structures around a central courtyard

London, UK
Cadogan Estates
Stiff + Trevillion
£ 50 million
12,500 m²
  • 2017 New London Awards – Commendation – Retail
  • 2017 International Property Awards – Best
    Mixed-use Development