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Brampton Manor Academy

In its second phase, redevelopment planned by the Building Schools for the Future programme delivered specialist performing and creative arts facilities to East Ham’s Brampton Manor Academy. Our expertise in this sector helped the client to plan a low-impact construction programme while the school remained in operation.

The project, designed by Edward Cullinan Architects, included significant modifications to the existing main school building, providing additional teaching facilities, a theatre space plus improved circulation via new link corridors.

The main areas of change were in the school’s two existing halls. Originally constructed in the 1960s with steel frames and lightweight roofs, they have been heavily modified while substantially reusing the existing fabric. New steel frames were introduced to accommodate cutting-edge facilities, standing independently on new pad foundations, within the original envelope.

Steel was chosen to deliver flexible, column-free spaces, while reducing weight as much as possible to reduce foundation works. Steel also maximises ease of installation within the existing confined spaces. Materials could be delivered to site, and the frames quickly erected, with minimal disruption to the school.

In the Eastern Hall, the new frame allowed provision of additional facilities including a double-height gym and an audio-visual suite complete with TV studio and viewing gallery. The new structure also penetrates the roof and supports an area of rooftop plant.

At the same time, removing the existing undercroft structure and columns supporting the existing roof of the Western Hall allowed the creation of a column-free theatre space and drama studio.

Both halls were clad with additional insulation to improve thermal performance. The external envelope includes coloured rainscreen cladding, ‘Reglit’ glazing and composite aluminium/timber windows.

A pair of new two-storey glazed corridors was also constructed out of lightweight steel frames within the landscaped east and west courtyards, which dramatically improved circulation.

Redevelopment of an existing school, with fast, low-impact construction programme

London, UK
Brampton Manor School
Edward Cullinan Architects
£ 9 million
14,877 m²