© Valerie Bennett
© Valerie Bennett
© Valerie Bennett

Broadway Cinema

Nottingham Broadway Cinema and Media Centre is housed in a converted chapel built in 1880 and altered several times during the last century. This project involved an extension to the circulation areas along the sides of the building and two new cinema screens to be accommodated in the basement.

The building is founded on sandstone, and cave probing was carried out to find any hidden voids beneath the surface before the basement was excavated. A glass box has been designed for the front of the building to form a beautiful light space welcoming customers at the ground floor entrance and forming balconies at the first and second floors. The support for this has been carefully designed to thread around the existing colonnades without adding load to their weak masonry structure. The construction methods and sequence were designed to allow the existing main cinema screen to remain fully operational for the whole of the construction programme.

The design also provided a further two-screen facility located in a ‘roof box’ constructed over the existing building. This roof box spanned the entire distance clear across the existing building to facilitate construction whilst the cinema below remained live. Cost constraints have meant that the roof box was not constructed during the initial phase.

Addition of two new basement screens and circulation routes to this Nottingham cinema

Nottingham, UK
Broadway Cinema
Burrell Foley Fischer
£ 3.8 million