Ebbsfleet Valley

Working on a giant 10,000-home development in a series of former quarries at Ebbsfleet in north Kent draws on a range of our skills.    

Utilising the talents of civil and structural engineering within the company, we have to set the pattern for an AKT II scheme which is cost-effective to build whilst still meeting strict standards for sustainable homes and retains its value in the long term. Primary developers Land Securities will keep the freehold after the 25-year development process, and so have set high standards for quality and sustainability. They have already put much of the infrastructure in place, and we have to understand how this works with the basic geology to set parameters for the site layout.

A 40 m fall across its width presents challenges for car parking and water run off, which will be collected in a series of lakes at the lower side as part of our sustainable urban drainage strategy. Positioning roads also needs careful consideration of the topography and ground conditions, as well as the potential impact on the residential neighbourhoods, and access to amenities which will be included in the development. The first phase comprises 350 homes and a school, for which five architects are devising a wide variety of housing types which will become prototypes for the rest. Their structures are relatively simple but, to achieve the combination of efficiency and sustainability, combine modern methods of construction with local vernacular materials. 

A 10,000-home development nestled amongst former quarries in Ebbsfleet, Kent

Ebbsfleet, UK
Land Securities
BWA, S333, PRP Architects
£ 50 million