Eton Avenue

Improved manufacturing techniques and more sophisticated analytical methods have allowed engineers to exploit glass’s structural properties with ever increasing refinement over the last few years.

This extension to a house in London’s Eton Avenue designed by Adjaye Associates marks the point where it has finally become possible to carry all the loads within a simple glass box without secondary members, not even glass beams or fins.

At up to 5.5 m × 2.4 m, the three wall panels and double-glazed roof are as large as modern manufacturing processes can manage.

Only extraordinarily sophisticated analysis and careful attention to details and junctions could achieve the simple and elegant result. Finite element analysis investigated the forces in each panel and showed that even if the wide end wall panel broke, the roof would still stand up, albeit with a sag. No manufacturer would accept responsibility for detail or construction so the professional team designed them with the precision of watch-making to achieve the desired effect.

Cutting-edge glass box extension designed without any secondary members

London, UK
Private client
Adjaye Associates
£ 250 ,000