Euskotren Central Headquarters

Zaha Hadid won the competition for a headquarters for train company Euskotren in Durango, a city 20 km east of Bilbao in northern Spain with a proposal that turns the former goods yard site into an urban park which knits the urban fabric back together.

Building over a rail line brings the permanent effect of noise and vibration, and impact loads also have to be examined. The form is complex, with building and park in effect folding into each other, though a rational strategy for the structure is beginning to emerge, with concrete below ground and some form of simple frame above which can either deform or allow the skin to define the outer shape. Ringing the park is new residential development, and this combination of form and function will create and satisfy ‘desire lines’ of movement patterns to link parts of the city which the goods yards cut off from each other, as well as standing as a metaphor for the city’s dramatic location – turning natural topography into habitation.

Headquarters and associated urban park in this city in northern Spain

Durango, Spain
Euskotren / Idom
Zaha Hadid Architects
£ 54 million
26,403 m²
2012 (Phase 1)