© Amanda Levete
© Amanda Levete
© Amanda Levete
© Amanda Levete

Four Corners

Corners in rooms tend to be underused and under-occupied; Amanda Levete of Future Systems realised this, so she designed four pieces of furniture, each made from a different material and serving a different purpose, to make better use of these features.

Named after the cardinal points of the compass, North is a GRP console which resembles an elongated figure of eight with flat and dished space so it can be used to display or conceal objects; East is a 2.5 m-long marble desk that rests on the floor at one end and is attached to the wall at the other; South is a set of three shelves in corian, and West is a looping laminated timber bench.

We helped with the concept design, checking the adventurous shapes matched the structural capabilities of the materials, and devising wall fittings which do not interfere with the pieces themselves. Given the 2.5 tonne weight of the desk, and the live loading of people sitting on the bench, these two were more demanding. A groove in the edge of the desk fits into a steel rod fixed to the wall, while a concealed steel plate attaches the bench to the wall.

Four interrelated pieces of furniture to maximise the use of corner spaces.

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