Hollingdean Children’s Centre

For architects Walters & Cohen, structure is an integral part of the overall concept. Their design for a government-funded daycare nursery in Hollingdean, outside Brighton, integrates the structure with ideas about form, function and aesthetics. 

Careful placing of walls and shapes, rather than inherent complexity of construction creates a variety of spaces for play, rest and reception, while making the most of distant views to the sea. It also means the structure can be appropriately simple and cost-effective, essentially a series of portal frames spanning the 12 – 13 m across the main range at three metre centres to eliminate the need for secondary structure and further simplify construction.

The formal language allows the design to extend beyond the building and structural envelope to create a series of sheltered outdoor spaces, enhancing the experience for the children and lending the centre a real presence in the community it serves.

Simple portal-framed structure for a daycare nursery near Brighton

Hollingdean, UK
Hollingdean Sure Start
Walters & Cohen
£ 800,000