© Martine Hamilton Knight
© Martine Hamilton Knight
© Martine Hamilton Knight
© Martine Hamilton Knight

Maggie’s Centre Nottingham

Maggie’s Centre Trust was founded to provide support and create a peaceful environment for all those dealing with the trauma of cancer. The mischievously shaped Nottingham Maggie’s Centre will be an oasis of tranquillity amongst the bustling Nottingham City Hospital, providing a welcoming and relaxing sanctuary.

The structural system comprises hybrid steel and timber superstructure above a reinforced concrete pedestal rotated at 45º to the superstructure. The pedestal’s footprint is pulled back as far as possible and away from the roots of the adjacent trees which form a key part of the context of the building, so much so conventional concrete strip footings were feasible. These concentric rotated axes and small footprint create large overhangs which disguise the pedestals presence and create a floating appearance. Fabricated steel beams aligned and concealed within the intersecting ovals transfer the superstructure loads to the concrete pedestal. This steel deck also provides a stable platform from which to build with a minimum of temporary works.

The double-curved roof and walls consist of a light steel skeleton infilled with straight timber members. This system provided a simple convention and fast construction method to create an otherwise complex shape. The timber members are faced with a timber ply skin to create structural diaphragms in the vertical and horizontal, and curved roof planes that stiffen the steel frame against wind, loads and out of balance loads created by the slight asymmetry of the steel frame. This hybrid construction provides a very efficient structural solution.

An innovatively-designed haven for cancer sufferers in lightweight steel and timber

Nottingham, UK
Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres
£ 1.45 million

  • 2012 RIBA Regional Award