© Valerie Bennett
© Valerie Bennett
© Valerie Bennett
© Valerie Bennett

Orpington College

This new four-storey building for Orpington College helps to give an identity and focus to the amenities of the college on the campus. The structure of the building is driven by the decision to use TermoDeck as the floor system.

These hollow precast concrete floors use voids within their depth to circulate air whilst their thermal mass reduces the cost and energy required in heating and cooling the building. Regular vertical ducts to bring the air into the floor planks. The steel frame and here it spans as much as 16 m between one outside wall and another row of columns which divide the TermoDeck-ventilated spaces. A narrow cantilevered zone can be naturally ventilated. This arrangement maximises flexibility: the entire floor can be open plan or the TermoDeck ventilated space can be clear span with an access walkway on the cantilever.

Alternatively a shallow row of naturally ventilated offices can be inserted on the cantilever and a narrow strip beyond the row of columns, leaving the rest of the TermoDeck ventilated space to be open plan. For these long spans, the concrete floors planks are pre-stressed and the depth of the floor structure about 400 mm including 75 mm of structural topping screed. Foundations are piled in the chalky ground. The façade is glazed on some areas of the exterior and a lightweight architectural metalwork in others.

Four-storey concrete structure with a highly flexible internal layout

Bromley, UK
Orpington College
£ 20 million