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Premier League Club Training Centre

The technical challenges associated with providing a cutting-edge indoor training centre for a Premier League football team have been tackled using our expertise. The result is a high-specification solution with partial basement which blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

Located in London, the training centre features an indoor pitch measuring 100 m long and 50 m wide. Along two sides of this structure is a concrete-framed, L-shaped ancillary block providing a range of facilities including restaurant, gym and office space.

Planning restrictions for the greenfield site resulted in a design which is partly sunk into the ground. Meanwhile, the indoor pitch required a single-span roof which is curved to reflect the surrounding landscape.

We examined various options for the structure of the single-span roof; the chosen solution comprises tubular steel members, which span the width of the pitch and support translucent ETFE pillows. This delivers a structurally minimal solution that not only gives the illusion of playing outside, but also achieves the brief’s requirement for cost and thermal performance.

The profile of the roof follows a shallow asymmetrical curve that rises up to 10 m above the pitch. Because of this low-profile arch, thrust loads are large, resisted by the sheer mass of the concrete ancillary wing at one end and thrust blocks at the other.

The tubular steel members are spaced every 5 m along the length of the pitch, the ETFE pillows fixed to the structure via steel T-sections welded along the top of each arch.

Our work on the project also needed to address a significant number of changes during the design and construction programme. A number of concrete ancillary blocks required localised strengthening as a result of the changes. This was achieved through the addition of 3 mm-thick carbon-fibre sheets bonded to the lower side of the floor slab.

A high-specification indoor training centre with curved, single-span roof

London, UK