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© Foster + Partners

Riva Hotel

Working alongside global architecture firm Foster + Partners, we planned the innovative redevelopment of the Airport Bowl site on the Bath Road in Hillingdon into a five-star hotel and conference centre, usable by guests, business users and the general public alike.

The proposed hotel will accommodate 572 guestrooms and three restaurants alongside spa, bar and retail areas. The conference facilities will include a ballroom, two auditoria and associated meeting rooms. The hotel lobby features a glass deck with views down to the restaurant below, which is accessed via a timber walkway and incorporates a business centre, as well as a variety of venues to eat and drink.

The existing Airport Bowl will be replaced within the new complex by a 20-lane ten pin bowling centre which will be open to the public.

The location of the building so close to Heathrow Airport provides a complex set of constraints, from a hostile external environment of noise and air pollution, to the restricted height demanded by flight paths and radar sweep patterns.

The exterior finish of the central atrium features angled metallic cladding behind a projecting stainless steel frame that supports a highly transparent glass shell, which draws light into the centre of the building and acts as a noise barrier. Within this unifying glazed envelope six separate pavilions house all the bedrooms and are linked by bridges.

To achieve the development’s full requirements within one structure, a thirteen-storey building was stipulated. However the inherent height restriction means that only seven of these levels can be above ground. The lower six storeys are pushed down into the ground with a surrounding ‘moat’ allowing light to permeate deep into the section. This creates an impressive basement 170,000 m³ in volume, and almost 25 m deep at its maximum.

Five-star hotel and conference centre close to London’s Heathrow Airport

London, UK
Riva Properties Ltd
Foster + Partners
£ 100 million
59,816 m²