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© Robin Partington & Partners

Shepherds Bush Market

Situated on the site of a busy market in a thriving regenerated area of west London, close to the ever-popular Westfield Shopping Centre, the Shepherds Bush project comprises four tiered residential blocks over ground floor retail space and an extensive basement area housing car parking, storage and further facilities. Two-storey ‘mews’ buildings are also set to be added alongside Pennard Road.

All blocks as designed are accessible from a continuous podium deck at first floor level, which runs above the retail units at ground floor. In order to achieve the architect’s proposed internal layouts, the column grid required above first floor level was different to that required for the retail and car parks below, so transfer beams have been designed beneath each block and at both ground and podium levels.

The tallest of the blocks, which is linked to the others via the podium deck, reaches nine storeys in height, with Rights to Light and massing stipulations dictating the maximum height of other blocks. In-situ flat slab floors were chosen, as this offered the thinnest construction while maintaining the most flexible column layouts for the large rooms in these high-end apartments. In the mews buildings, a lack of vertical alignment between partitions led us to propose a concrete system incorporating additional vertical structure within the façade to reduce spans and therefore structural depth.

A major consideration when deciding on both the construction method and the programme has been the need for the existing market to continue to function unaffected throughout the process. In terms of constraints to the site, LUL viaducts form the western boundary, with arches that house shops and businesses, while residential units back onto the eastern boundary. The site has previously been home to a number of industries, including a railway station; as a result, contamination is likely, and asbestos and environmental surveys have been recommended.

Tiered residential blocks over ground floor retail and a large basement in busy Shepherds Bush

London, UK
Orion Land & Leisure Ltd & Development Securities
Robin Partington & Partners
£ 61 million
48,600 m²