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Shepperton Studios Workshops

Part of the Shepperton Studios masterplan, this initiative required the construction of a double-height, column-free space for use as workshops. Above this, two floors of flexible space for use as office accommodation and other activities associated with film production have been provided.

The site was previously occupied by a portion of the I Stage, as well as a number of small, single-storey masonry or timber buildings that required demolition.

In order to provide clear, column-free space, a 15 m by 6 m column grid was chosen. Floor slabs of 140 mm-thick in-situ composite concrete slabs on profiled metal decking spanning 3 m between primary beams were chosen, but the thickness was increased to 170 mm for the first floor slab to accommodate acoustic requirements between the workshops and offices.

Stability is provided by cross-bracing positioned around the stairs and lift shaft, and lateral loads are transferred horizontally within the floor slabs by diaphragm action.

In regards to the substructure, mass concrete foundations were considered uneconomic due to the depths required to transfer the loads. Therefore, spread foundations were chosen, comprising reinforced concrete strips and pads. These will spread the concentrated loads from the structural columns over a large enough area to be supported by the soil strata at relatively shallow depths.

For the cladding, dense materials, such as masonry, were limited to the workshops, built off a thickening of the ground slab around the perimeter of the building. The façade of the office levels are clad in a lightweight system of steel with each storey supported from the floor below. In addition, continuous strip windows wrap around the building at office levels.

New double-storey workshops and offices for famous UK film studio

London, UK

Pinewood Group

Burland TM

£ 5.5 million