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Teaching and Learning Building, University of Nottingham

Following on from our work on the Jubilee Campus and the Barn, we continued our relationship with the University of Nottingham and Make Architects by developing a new teaching building that contains seminar rooms, a lecture theatre, performance spaces, study rooms, offices and a small retail unit.

The five-storey structure with a central atrium has been built on a greenfield site at the heart of the University Park campus, in close proximity to the four-storey Hallward Library and the two-storey Hemsley House, connected to the former by a link bridge.

The new building sits on shallow foundations, a combination of mass concrete pads and reinforced concrete strip footings. Retaining walls have been required on three sides of the building, since the lower ground floor lies 1.5 m below the lowest site level, and temporary retaining structures were required due to the proximity of Hemsley House.

The structural system followed an integrated design strategy where the principals were driven by delivering large, flexible volumes. Column-free modules of 12 × 18 m were constructed from exposed structural steelwork that support precast concrete planks, achieving the benefits of cost-efficient and rapid construction, whilst meeting the university’s need for future flexibility and adaptability.

Sustainability has been a big emphasis in this project: with natural light and ventilation, surrounding green spaces, ease of access and well-planned circulation routes, the new teaching building is a prime example of modern academic buildings.

Five-storey teaching building in the heart of Nottingham University with an emphasis on sustainability

Nottingham, UK

University of Nottingham

Make Architects

£16.5 million

5,000 m²


  • 2019 RIBA National Award 
  • 2019 RIBA Regional Award
  • 2019 RIBA Regional Awards – Sustainability Award