Exterior shot
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Exterior shots
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Office space
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Reception area
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The Steward Building

Appointed by clients Henderson Global Investors, we drove the design team for this commercial development in London, and worked to overcome the complications of a restricted inner city island location. The project involved the redevelopment of an existing structure, creating new offices, plant areas, a cafeteria and retail at basement and ground floor.

A key feature of the construction programme was a changeover of the UKPN substation, where the existing could not be decommissioned prior to the new being constructed. This meant that the sequence of construction and associated temporary works were fed into the structural proposals early on, such that construction of the new build could commence with an existing part of the structure still in place.

Due to its close proximity to archaeological features, a number of design options were presented for the foundation design. The solution that was ultimately chosen was a reinforced concrete basement that would not exceed the existing founding level. The site has narrow surrounding streets with several buildings in close proximity on three sides, so we sought to incorporate the existing perimeter retaining walls in order to remove potential risks to the programme and construction works.

There was a real complexity in marrying the retained substructure with the new build superstructure. The high quality building has been designed to surpass BCO standards; we developed structural proposals which included a post-tensioned concrete frame to achieve aspirations of large column grids and floor-to-ceiling heights. There is a lot of visual concrete, and the top floors utilise a new steel frame which is set back and glazed. This combination of glass and concrete updates and modernises the old envelope, creating new life for the building.

Commercial office block in restricted inner London island location

London, UK
Henderson Global Investors
Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
£ 17 million
7,000 m²