© Knut Ramstad
© Knut Ramstad

Tjuvholmen Icon Tower

This concept design of a 60 m observation tower in Oslo was proposed to fit within a new sea-reclaimed residential development, right next to Renzo Piano’s Astrup Fearnley Museet. The project was restricted in terms of the aspect ratio and height of the tower as these had already been defined prior to the start of our involvement.

A series of structural options were proposed to match the architectural aspirations, which led to a steel helix and diagrid structural system. The structural assessment of this system was done against multiple wind load cases and refined in consultation with wind specialists BMT, who provided additional information to account for vortex shedding effects.

The steel structure included the use of solid sections to enhance the stiffness of the tower. Analysis and coordination of the structure led to production of detailed concept drawings for connections and typical member arrangement. The concept report outlined the likely dynamic problems of the tower which included potentially high accelerations for occupants in high wind and proposed a number of mitigating solutions.

Concept design of a 60 m observation tower in Oslo, adjacent to a new housing development

Oslo, Norway
Tjuvholmen KS
Nordic – Office of Architecture
£ 1.2 million